Brazil Trip 101: Rio de Janeiro – Hang Gliding

29 10 2012

One of the must do activities when dropping by the city of Rio de Janeiro is to view the city from the sky, flying on artificial wings. One of the reasons why someone like me can fall easily in love with the city is how its long stretch of beaches are so close to its lush green hills. Both enveloping the city in between both vibrant with the fusion of its new cityscape atmosphere and its old, traditionally Brazilian fun-loving culture.

We took our chances with the Associação Brasileiro de Vôo Livre located along the Praia de São Conrado. It was a bit tougher to commute towards though as there were no direct buses from the city centre. We took a bus to Leblon and a 20 – 30 minute taxi to reach São Conrado. From there, a short walk along the the shore, you’d spot the team of instructors lounging, fixing up their gliders, and entertaining their guests.


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Brazil Trip 101: Iguaçu Falls

9 06 2012

Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States’ First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!”


Cataratas do Iguaçu or Iguazu Falls is huge complex of waterfalls along the Iguazu River dividing Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazu is a cataract waterfalls, meaning it is a huge and powerful waterfall, which is apt since the name Iguazu has been derived from the indigenous Tupi language meaning “big water”.

Argentina’s side of the Iguazu Falls. Best viewed from Brazil.

The falls can be seen from either Argentina or Brazil. Having an amazing natural wonder parked just in their backyards, both countries made sure that airports, hotel facilities, roads, and transportation are set up for the convenience of tourists that would visit the falls. Oh, regarding what Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed and having personally seen both Niagra and Iguazu, I definitely agree. Read the rest of this entry »

Brazil Trip 101

11 04 2012


Brazil is an emerging, Portuguese-speaking South American nation known for its soccer, housing most of the Amazon rain forest, the Samba, Havaianas, and the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro. You get to hear a lot about their more famous cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia.

Economically, Brazil is growing at almost the same rate of economic development seen as a country with potential to eclipse the combined economies of the current richest countries. Like Russia, China and India, it is viewed to be in a similar stage in terms of economic development. However, despite massive gains in their economy, they also have social problems  particularly in the gap of wealth between the rich and poor. This disparity is one to note especially for those travelling to Brazil.

Planning out the flights

Planning our trip to Brazil took 3-4 months. As with most trips, you would have to consider your budget. Your budget will dictate whether you fly in during Brazil’s tourist off-peak or peak season. Peak season is usually during the Carnival which celebrated 46 days before Easter. It is a weeks worth of celebration, pageantry, music and dance. It also means higher cost of local flights, and accommodations. Our group opted to travel a few weeks after the Carnival. Read the rest of this entry »