Boracay Sprain Pain

6 07 2007

Got back from a summer trip to Boracay a few weeks back and it was alright. People might start saying that I wasted some thousand pesos for a trip to beach with a lot rain. Just to clear things, I did not go their for the sun. I have a lot of that already here in Manila. I really just wanted to get to the beach, rain or shine. It really did not matter to me.

Some highlights of the trip:

1. It’s always best to have a Piso fare ticket when you know you’ll be missing your flight. I got to the check-in counter 30 mins before the actual flight. With 3 seats left and 4 of us that needed to board, the lucky person who had to rebook and pay an additional PhP 1008.00 was the late comer that had to travel all the way from Diliman at 6am and faced the daily commuter traffic.

2. Five shots of Baccardi 151 = 15 shots of what Boracay’s Cocomanga’s had to offer. Got a free shirt and, supposedly, my name engraved in their Hall of Fame. Didn’t get to check that one out though due to highlight # 3.

3. Skimboard until around 7pm on the last day of your vacation and stop only when you get your right ankle sprained. Just be glad though that you still had to ride more times than the person who got sprained on his first ride (ei BJ! hehe…). 🙂 Also, be glad that it happened on the last night. You did not miss out on the pasalubong shopping and good eat-all-you-can dinner your travel buddies enjoyed while you were in your room with a cold compress.

4. Walking on a sprained ankle the next day and catching a flight in the next 2 hours is tough! At least, I got to ride a wheel chair when I reached the airport, great consolation prize for the work I had to do going up and down tricycle, boat and van.

All in all, it was a trip worth remembering. I still got the sprain though I was able to bowl a 121 game the following day. Reflecting on trip, at least I now understand why some people are scared of getting hurt. It’s painful. But to decide on whether you prefer to enjoy that short moment of bliss and suffer a great deal or remain unscath for the rest of your life but never really fully enjoying all blasts of emotion even for that short period, I’d rather prefer to go sprained for 3 weeks.

I will have to save up this July. August will definitely be much more heavier on the pocket plus I can’t afford to be late on that flight! 🙂