Trifactor 2013 – 3K Swim

14 05 2013

A month ago, I finished a sprint distance triathlon. Yeah, great! A month after that, just last Sunday, I finished my first 3km open water swim. A tick off the bucketlist but not one that was easily breezed through. Swimming is relatively easy for me if it were only in the pool but dealing with current, salt water, and other swimmers is a totally different ball game. Never mind that I sort of have experienced the same during past triathlons but this 3km swim was more than just sprinting towards the finish.


trifactor swim

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Brazil Trip 101: Rio de Janeiro – Hang Gliding

29 10 2012

One of the must do activities when dropping by the city of Rio de Janeiro is to view the city from the sky, flying on artificial wings. One of the reasons why someone like me can fall easily in love with the city is how its long stretch of beaches are so close to its lush green hills. Both enveloping the city in between both vibrant with the fusion of its new cityscape atmosphere and its old, traditionally Brazilian fun-loving culture.

We took our chances with the Associação Brasileiro de Vôo Livre located along the Praia de São Conrado. It was a bit tougher to commute towards though as there were no direct buses from the city centre. We took a bus to Leblon and a 20 – 30 minute taxi to reach São Conrado. From there, a short walk along the the shore, you’d spot the team of instructors lounging, fixing up their gliders, and entertaining their guests.


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13 12 2010

… for the sight of the unending horizon
… for the smell of the salty air
… for the sound the rushing wave
… for the feel of the calm water
… for the taste of the laidback life
… for the sea.

… for the sight of the swell
… for the smell of the beach
… for the sound the surf
… for the feel of the rush
… for the taste of the bliss
… for the sea.

CDO-Camiguin-Iligan Tour

20 11 2007

Gone to CDO-Camiguin-Iligan last November 14 up until the 18th. Our itinerary is seen below. Acknowledgement to Sars for preparing and keeping us all in schedule and within budget.

1 night Camiguin, 3 nights CDO, day tour Iligan

W – 14
4:45 AM – Departure
6:10 AM – Arrival
3 hrs. Land Trip + Ferry to Camiguin
Lunch and Check in @ Camiguin

Tour: Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan fall, Ardent hot springs

Th – 15
Boat to White Island
Lunch then check out

3 hrs. Land Trip + Ferry from Camiguin
Check in CDO hotel, malling
Dinner @ Countryside steakhouse
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Reflections at a cliff’s edge

31 05 2007

Man hesitates too much, thinks too much, fears too much… Oftentimes, it takes just one step off the cliff to realize how free you really want to be. In the end, you champion over your fears and champion yourself.

What does it feel to simply let go? I discovered how it felt like to  jump off a cliff putting aside all hesitation, fears and anxiety that comes with human nature.

It was last week that we went to Tali Beach in Batangas. It was a different kind of experience since there really wasn’t much to do. So, you get do to a lot of thinking.  There is part in Tali beach where you are allowed to jump off this cliff that was about 5 – 7 meters high. You’d have to walk through a small pathway beside former President Ramos’ house (supposedly).

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Boracay Newbie

27 06 2006

Gone to Boracay over the weekend and it was F-U-N!

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