24 03 2006

Something I picked up from an episode in Justice League Unlimited Season 2:

Everyone in the league is good at their job.
But those 7, they are the best ever.
Not because they are the most powerful, they are.
All of them. Its not just because they are the first.
Its because they are special.
They have proven it time and again.
They make the hard choices.
They set the example.
They do what’s right not what’s easiest.
And they always come out on top.”

It sort of sums up a definition of what a hero is. In a country that seems to be up for the dumps, we need to start being heroes in our own rights. We, as Filipinos, should start choosing what is right rather than what is easy. Each of us, doing our share. This may be too idealistic but considering the cynicism that envelops us right now, one idealist might make a difference, though small, but still a difference.

Just trying to do my fair share in nation building. Be a hero.