I was an active blogger back in the days of Blogspot and Multiply. When Facebook happened, my writing stagnated into a 1-2 sentence status update. At some point, I started reading back my old blog posts.

Reading back, I remember how much of an idealist and visionary I was. I had a lot of dreams. I still do have those though, but it is somehow blurred. I guess it is because I have always found people who could realize those dreams for me. Now, it is either I realize those dreams on my own (which I don’t think I can) or find people who have similar dreams as mine and see if we can work something out.

I remember my mission-vision statement before: To guide, inspire and empower myself and my circle of infuence in order to create a relationship of growth, understanding, excitement & fun. This was the first draft of that mission-vision statement I made during the Team Building we had for the student council when I saw myself a bringer of sides. I guess it is time to build on that 2nd draft now because I have a larger range of possibilites.

I also had my 10 dreams that would fulfill my mission:
1. Fix my biological time clock.
2. Graduate on time. [check]
3. Build a house for my family in a nice village.
4. Thank people who have influenced and helped me in my life.
5. Be a smiling face & a listening ear.
6. Solidify CS department and students.
7. Pursue higher studies on something that would have impact on Philippine society.
8. Build a forest or be part of an environment advocacy
9. Become a teacher or professor.
10. Build that scholarship program.

This is why I am starting to blog again. This in the hope that in the future when I read back on my posts, they will help me remember who I was, and help me navigate towards a direction much like if not better than what I had before.

Wish me luck!

Revised from my old post on Multiply:


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