Reminiscing High School Days

30 01 2006

I’ve gone back to UPLB this weekend just to hang out with friends from back in high school and like most of our reunions, we can’t help but look back on the good old high school days and talk about the things we have been doing up until now. It’s nice to think that we are indeed growing up and growing older. As Renan said, we now have our own worlds to live but when we come together, we are just like one big universe having a good time.

This shot was taken when we were just 2nd year in high school. When I look at it now and compare how we are now, the difference is obvious. We (sort of) think more maturely, dress up more maturely, and talk about mature stuff. We changed, Renan said again, but that does not mean that we should forget what we have gone through for 4.

It was a fun weekend. I just wished that the people at Diliman wasn’t so busy so that we can share a few hours on the bowling alley. 🙂