Trifactor 2013 – 3K Swim

14 05 2013

A month ago, I finished a sprint distance triathlon. Yeah, great! A month after that, just last Sunday, I finished my first 3km open water swim. A tick off the bucketlist but not one that was easily breezed through. Swimming is relatively easy for me if it were only in the pool but dealing with current, salt water, and other swimmers is a totally different ball game. Never mind that I sort of have experienced the same during past triathlons but this 3km swim was more than just sprinting towards the finish.


trifactor swim

It was a grueling sub 100-minute swim. Sometimes, it was enjoyable especially when it was just you and the ocean. Other times, it was just plain exhausting trying to navigate other swimmers, the tides, and the current. But I guess its all part of the sport that a pool swimmer must get used to.

I designed my swim program specifically for this course. Although, I never got to finish the program. The swim course was a 4 x 750m loop with a short U-turn beach run every end of the 750m. Months prior required a lot of time for drills and stroke correction. This is especially to improve my lateral breathing. After which, was building my endurance to finish the 3k swim. My training allowed me to reach only until 4 x 600m part of the program. Not exactly the 3km I would have wanted which could have been built had I had a few more weeks.




I was a bit panicky on the day itself. Glad that I had my fiance and a couple of folks from my tri team to calm me down. One even joined me for a quick run around before the start to calm the heart. After the first 300m swim, I calmed down and was able to get back to focus. My training definitely help me finish the 3 loops and I was beginning to worry about the last. Nonetheless, I guess adrenaline and muscle memory carried me through the last loop.

Still happy and proud that I completed the course though. Took a few hours for that thought to sink in but yeah, I was a definite experience. Even thinking, I might do this again next year.





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18 05 2013

wow great job, I couldn’t swim that much for my life.

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