Through a prayer

18 05 2013

On the 26th of April, we attended a weekday mass. At the end of the ceremony, I asked her to kneel and pray with me.



Thank you for bringing Jewella back home to me. Thank you for keeping her safe during her stay in Iligan, in keeping her healthy until she has come back to my arms. I am grateful for all that you have given to both of us. Thank you for our families and friends who have continued to love and support us. Please continue to keep them safe and strong. Continue to bless them as you have blessed me and Jewella.

In front of you Lord, I make this solemn promise to continue to love and cherish Jewella. I promise to take care of her the best I can. I know that to promise the world to her is impossible but she means the world to me and through you I offer myself to her, now, and especially as we take this next step in our life together…

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Trifactor 2013 – 3K Swim

14 05 2013

A month ago, I finished a sprint distance triathlon. Yeah, great! A month after that, just last Sunday, I finished my first 3km open water swim. A tick off the bucketlist but not one that was easily breezed through. Swimming is relatively easy for me if it were only in the pool but dealing with current, salt water, and other swimmers is a totally different ball game. Never mind that I sort of have experienced the same during past triathlons but this 3km swim was more than just sprinting towards the finish.


trifactor swim

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Playground: Fort Canning

11 05 2013

Location: Fitness corner at Fort Canning Park at the River Valley entrance. I think the future Fort Canning MRT station will be quite close to this side of the park.

This playground was introduced to me by a friend fitness trainer and we have been using the place for a while now. Instead of the matted flooring, you get to play on sand. A nice hill and some stairs for a bit of cardio. Step ups, 2 height pull up bars, flat bench, inclined bench, 3 weight logs, and several chairs for dips.


Playground: Geylang Park Connector

4 05 2013

Location: Along Geylang river between Dakota MRT and Mountbatten MRT stations.

One of my playgrounds for the past 3 months. Monkey bars, 3 heights pull up bars, parallel bars, flat bench, inclined bench, and several chairs for dips.

A little bit of body weight exercises and running for much needed improvement to my fitness level. 🙂