Brazil Trip 101: Rio de Janeiro – Hang Gliding

29 10 2012

One of the must do activities when dropping by the city of Rio de Janeiro is to view the city from the sky, flying on artificial wings. One of the reasons why someone like me can fall easily in love with the city is how its long stretch of beaches are so close to its lush green hills. Both enveloping the city in between both vibrant with the fusion of its new cityscape atmosphere and its old, traditionally Brazilian fun-loving culture.

We took our chances with the Associação Brasileiro de Vôo Livre located along the Praia de São Conrado. It was a bit tougher to commute towards though as there were no direct buses from the city centre. We took a bus to Leblon and a 20 – 30 minute taxi to reach São Conrado. From there, a short walk along the the shore, you’d spot the team of instructors lounging, fixing up their gliders, and entertaining their guests.


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Pico de Loro – Conquered

11 09 2006

Gone up Pico de Loro today with Kian, Martin, Mo and Gregg. Kian was the only person I know when the day started and I’m glad got the chance to meet the other 3. They are good natured people and very friendly. People with beliefs and stand by them. I rarely meet people like that nowadays.

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Mt. Maculot – Conquered!!!

13 02 2006


Located at Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines, Mt Maculot is one of the more popular destinations for mountain climbing beginners. It is a short 2-4 hour hike from the jump off point at Mountaineer’s Store, Brgy. 7 “Siete” and the trail is riddled with rest stops every few meters.

It is also known for its volcanic rock formation, known as the Rockies, and the view overlooking the Taal Lake. It is ideal for the the day traveler who wants to get out of the day to day hustle of Manila, although some may say that it is best experienced during the night.

The Trail:

Since this is one of the most visited mountains, the trail is clear and easy to follow. From the main road, there is an unmistakable sign indicated how to get the jump off point. Read the rest of this entry »