A Commentary on the Philippine Party List System

29 10 2012

I was reading through an article regarding the Comelec tearing through the legitimate party-lists from those that aren’t.¬†What I found quite interesting was a comment by a reader (Platypus09):

There should only be 2- to 3-political party structure in our country like the US’ Democratic Party, Republican Party, and the Green Party.

It has to be mandated by Congress as a political reform law or by way of a Constitutional
Amendment to streamline and get rid of multiple-political party structure during elections, which sounds ridiculous and out of control.

More parties means chaos, people will be divided, more-than-half-of-the-majority mandate will not be reached if there are more than two candidates running for national government
positions from multiple political parties, Comelec will need more manpower and thus VERY COSTLY.

If there are only two main political parties as electoral structure, these candidates will run against each other first depending on their party affiliations in the geographical or electoral divisions they belong and then the party winners will run against each other. Thus, there will be only two to three candidates per position per electoral division.

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Philippine Independence Day 2012

12 06 2012

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
– Thomas Paine –

Freedom has its price and the price is to ensure that the freedom we enjoy will not be taken away again – to be constantly vigilant of those who we allow to lead and of ourselves that we do not take away the freedom others deserve. A free society must be a society where each member gives respect and confers constraint where due. While we fight for a corrupt free government, we must also fight for a corrupt free self. In no way can we expect leaders of our society to do us right, when we as the society do not always do right.

Freedom is our cause. Freedom is our cost. Freedom is an obligation we allow for our fellowmen. Happy Independence Day! ūüôā

On Chief Justice Corona’s Impeachment

29 05 2012

The merits and demerits of the case are both valid. Now, I hate to be in the shoes of the senator-judges now as they try to make a decision that is both fair and right. The quasi-judicial, quasi-political excuse is now thrown back at them as they cannot simply make a judicial decision without any political implications, and vice versa. Come tomorrow, whatever the result, I hope that we all would  respect that decision and move on.

Hoping and praying for a safe Tuesday afternoon.

CDO-Camiguin-Iligan Tour

20 11 2007

Gone to CDO-Camiguin-Iligan last November 14 up until the 18th. Our itinerary is seen below. Acknowledgement to Sars for preparing and keeping us all in schedule and within budget.

1 night Camiguin, 3 nights CDO, day tour Iligan

W – 14
4:45 AM – Departure
6:10 AM – Arrival
3 hrs. Land Trip + Ferry to Camiguin
Lunch and Check in @ Camiguin

Tour: Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan fall, Ardent hot springs

Th – 15
Boat to White Island
Lunch then check out

3 hrs. Land Trip + Ferry from Camiguin
Check in CDO hotel, malling
Dinner @ Countryside steakhouse
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Reflections at a cliff’s edge

31 05 2007

Man hesitates too much, thinks too much, fears too much… Oftentimes, it takes just one step off the cliff to realize how free you really want to be. In the end, you champion over your fears and champion yourself.

What does it feel to simply let go? I discovered how it felt like to  jump off a cliff putting aside all hesitation, fears and anxiety that comes with human nature.

It was last week¬†that we went to Tali Beach in Batangas. It was a different kind of experience since there really wasn’t much to do. So, you get do to a lot of thinking. ¬†There is part in Tali beach where you are allowed to jump off this cliff that was about 5 – 7 meters high. You’d have to walk through a small pathway beside former President Ramos’ house (supposedly).

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Surf’s Up

15 01 2007

Just got back from a weekend in San Juan, La Union where me and some friends from the office took the time off to experience a surfer’s life. Thanks to Stan and Kian, we got pretty good accommodations, an excellent surf instructor and waves that were enough to help us learn the basics.

Like any beginner, I was not able to stand on the board (beginners always get the long boards since it’s easier to learn on them) even after trying for 30 mins with Kian. Jan had the instructor first. When it was my turn, I was able to ride¬†my first wave all the way to the end!!! It was so cool, and I couldn’t hide my smile. I was able to ride a couple more times, and fell a lot more times. It was so much fun though. Yes, even the falling part. I guess I had the instructor for 30 mins as well.

During the afternoon, Stan let us borrow his short board (which is easier to paddle but harder to balance). We all tried it out but none ever got to ride it. I think I almost did but only up to a kneeling position. Of course, Stan and Kian got to rode well. At night, we had some Boracay mix, and spent the rest of our consciousness star gazing. I was pretty tired that day so I did not last long in gazing the black abyss.

The next day we rented 2 long boards but the waves were pretty fierce. Getting out to the sea was tough enough, and riding the waves was rare and hard! I was able to ride once but did not get to stand. I stood up too late. I also got a heavy beating when I hit the sand under the sea and I thought I heard my neck crack a bit but I ended okay. I just hope my brain functions well this week as I am on night shift at work.

All in all, it was a pretty swell weekend. I am definitely going back! I just need to earn back more money. To those who might be thinking of going out to surf, I spent PhP2,500 and it’s worth it!


24 03 2006

Something I picked up from an episode in Justice League Unlimited Season 2:

Everyone in the league is good at their job.
But those 7, they are the best ever.
Not because they are the most powerful, they are.
All of them. Its not just because they are the first.
Its because they are special.
They have proven it time and again.
They make the hard choices.
They set the example.
They do what’s right not what’s easiest.
And they always come out on top.”

It sort of sums up a definition of what a hero is. In a country that seems to be up for the dumps, we need to start being heroes in our own rights. We, as Filipinos, should start choosing what is right rather than what is easy. Each of us, doing our share. This may be too idealistic but considering the cynicism that envelops us right now, one idealist might make a difference, though small, but still a difference.

Just trying to do my fair share in nation building. Be a hero.