To reflect on ones own thoughts and feelings

18 05 2007

Leader. What does it take to be one? By definition, a leader should have the capacity to lead but in essence, a leader should inspire people to perform a task without having them to compromise their capacity for growth and enabling them to be able to lead as well.

It’s a hot topic on what makes someone a leader that it often boils down to defining specific qualities. Ideas cross your mind about what a leader should be but when you are put into a position where you have the opportunity to be one, are you really willing to take that chance? Can you honestly say you have the makings of a good leader? Is it possible to be ready to be one?

Can you put aside our personal goals in order to exceed team goals? Can you lay down your personal ego when you made a mistake? Can you have the guts to apologize after making your mistake? Can you take all of the blame for the sake of the people you lead? Can you raise your concerns firmly, quickly and demand immediate action to items that are most important for the team? Can you not be selfish and be mature enough and grow up faster so that the people you lead also grow? Can you overcome personal emotion, personal criticisms and take it constructively? Can you make people grow and mature?

So many expectations, in the end, are you really ready to take it on? But I guess the bottom line really, more than anything else, is if you feel inspired and proud when the people you used to lead become better leaders than you? It’s more than because of you but because their potential grew with you.

Introspecting before judgment of others…




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