Boracay Newbie

27 06 2006

Gone to Boracay over the weekend and it was F-U-N!

I was never a fan of flat rates so instead of 10, here are 9 things I enjoyed about Boracay:

1. The women – ok, so maybe just the people I was with but it was fun planning, going and staying in Boracay with them.

2. D shops – I practiced my haggle skills coupled with some charms… *naks! hehehe… Speaking in Bisaya never fails to send a smile to the sales ladies (and lady-likes) in Boracay…

3. The beach – It was beautiful. Well, compared to the other beach I went this year.

4. Parasailing! – Relaxation to the extreme! There is nothing like staying high up in the sky with the wind beneath your feet.

5. Flying fish? – This one was stressful! I tried my best not to fall but failed four times.

6. The sunset I never got to see – The pictures were great. I was either watching TV or earning money from Seph and BJ via a game of Tong-its during these times. :p

7. The food that we never got to picture

8. BomBom! – The picture below may not actually be what I was actually referring to. Bom Bom is a reggae club near our resort. It was a cool place and I enjoyed going there. I was not able to return on the 3rd night though. Just enjoyed the music and hanging around.

9. Picture taking – who doesn’t!

Boracay is fun and got me all worked up. I would surely like to go back in the near future but I guess for now, a short rest will do.




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