Mt. Maculot – Conquered!!!

13 02 2006


Located at Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines, Mt Maculot is one of the more popular destinations for mountain climbing beginners. It is a short 2-4 hour hike from the jump off point at Mountaineer’s Store, Brgy. 7 “Siete” and the trail is riddled with rest stops every few meters.

It is also known for its volcanic rock formation, known as the Rockies, and the view overlooking the Taal Lake. It is ideal for the the day traveler who wants to get out of the day to day hustle of Manila, although some may say that it is best experienced during the night.

The Trail:

Since this is one of the most visited mountains, the trail is clear and easy to follow. From the main road, there is an unmistakable sign indicated how to get the jump off point.

The trail is riddled with rest stops, with some stops actually having vendows sell cold buko (coconut) juice. The forest is littered with tropical trees and insects. However, much of the wildlife and forest have suffered due to encroachment of people and battery of daily visitors.

The Summit:

The last 100meters of the trek is an uphill assault across long grass.

The reward at the end is a a cold dessert, Halo-halo, a local Filipino delicacy mixed of various fruits and nuts with ice, milk and ice cream. It is sold at a sari-sari store known to most climbers as “7-11”. This area is where most campers set up. From here, the trail splits to the Rockies at the left and the peak at the right.


The Rockies is a volcanic wall rock formation and offers the best view of the Taal Lake. It is to the left of the mountain.


Is a short distance away from the 7-11 where you will have to traverse a short narrow strip to reach.

To right of the mountain, there is a small piece of rock that extends outward from the mountain. Though relatively safe, the trail will require a bit more courage and a bit of skill to traverse. It is best done in small groups to avoid overcrowding, pushing, and possibly falling off. It offers great photo opportunities when taken from the peak.

Personal thoughts:

I know that this mountain is less than a level 1 but believe me, we went through the ends of hell and back to reach the top, and we thank all the heavenly hosts that it was worth all the pain and stress and work.

Yes, my dear friends, I have counquered Mt. Maculot and I am damn proud of it! In a world where you face a laptop almost all day, living in structures made out of steel and concrete, a little bit of fresh air, green trees, virgin shores and a couple of friends to push you through the task is a definite “re-energizer”. This is of course to mean, a revitalizing experience for the mind and soul, and most definitely not for the body! :p

It was a spontaneous planned day for everyone (if you get what I mean). We had an itinerary and all, however, due to Murphy’s Law, we met at around 7am instead of the planned 6am. It was a good thing that we made room for allowances. We were arrived at the peak close to our estimated time. We had difficult times of course on the way. I had lower back pains when we were just a few steps away but we made it.

The view was great! Pictures are available in my multiply site. All in all, it was one hell of an experience! It is something I will be proud of. Even if they say that I wouldn’t get anything other than scars, bruises, sunburn, and new friendster pix, this was a learning experience, an eye opener, and a realization of my need to return to nature.




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6 03 2013

This was my very first climb, back in 2000 🙂 Alam mo yung kwento ng La Salista na tumalon sa rockies? hahaha

6 03 2013

This was also my first climb. Nalaman ko na lng ung story after. Daming horror stories and rockies…

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